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How To Layer & Blend Wise Owl CSP Paint!

I put a base coat of Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Robins Egg paint down on this Drexel Dresser and blended all the layers together with a squirt bottle/water bottle and a putty knife! Very proud with the way this piece turned out, for real!!! If it wasn't a custom piece, I would keep it!!!! Painted with Wise Owl, Robins Egg, Refurbished Gentleman, Siren Song, Black Cherry, Botanical, Goldenrod, Black, and Heavy Metallics Gold Dust & Copper!!!! Top coated with Wise Owl One Hour Enamel Semi-gloss. All of the drawer runners were brushed with Wise Owl Salve, Lemon Verbena, so it smells so fabulous!!! I used IOD Rose Toile Stamp as as well!!!! Have an Abracadabra Refurbished Day!!! Remember, "Those who don't believe in magic will never find it!" ~ Roald Dahl ~ #WiseOwlRetailer#WiseOwlPaint#IODStockist#IODMoulds#IODTransfers#IODStamps#IODRoseTolie#JRVStencilRetailer#AbracadabraRefurbishedLLC#Magic#DIY#Upcycle#Refurbished#Boho#PaintWithPuttyKnife#ChalkSynthesisPaint#HeavyMetallics#HowToBlendPaint​ If your interested in of the paint and products that I use in this video, you can find them locally at my shop, 1507 Caledonia Street, La Crosse WI, or on my website, If maybe easier to search for short...... Be sure to check out my website,, my Facebook page, and also my YouTube channel to see more! ✔​ ✔https://www.facebook.comAbracadabraRe...​ ! SHOW LESS

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