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How to Create Magic Using Wise Owl CSP Siren Song & JRV Botanical Tile Stencil

These pieces have been deep cleaned, lightly sanded, and repaired. They both were primed with Wise Owl’s Dark Gray. Then sprayed with Rust-Oleum, gold and copper spray paint, followed by a coat W/O’s Siren Song. I wiped back, wet distressed, the Siren Song, to see the gold & copper from underneath. I top coated with Semi-Gloss Polyacrylic before placing the JRV Botanical Tile Stencil using W/O’s Heavy Metals Copper paint. These pieces were again top coated with Wise Owl’s Furniture Salve, Bamboo Suede, and Hemp Oil Black Walnut Wax to add some drama.

Have an Abracadabra Refurbished Day!!!

Remember, "Those who don't believe in magic will never find it!" ~ Roald Dahl ~

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