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Trash to Treasure Wise Owl CSP & JRV Moroccan Tiles Stencil

Refurbished Antique Stereo

This piece has been glued, clamped, and filled with wood filler in many spots.

Some of the original pieces are still intact. We did take out the woofers and or speckers.

To Start I primed this piece with Wise Owl white primer. I than gave it a coat of the color Limestone followed by the color Refurbished Gentleman. I used a continues water bottle to create a washed-out effect. I top coated with W/O OHE matte, and also with Hemp Oil Furniture Wax, Black Walnut to create more Drama. The hardware was painted with W/O Heavy Metallics in the color copper.

By this time the stereo was looking pretty good, but I still felt like it was missing something. So, I added an JRV Stencil called Moroccan Tiles #2 to inside back wall, and some battery apparated lights, and there, magic! 26” x 16” x 42”

If you’re interested in of the paint and products that I use in this video, you can find them locally at my shop, 1507 Caledonia Street, La Crosse WI, or on my website, If maybe easier to search for short......

Have an Abracadabra Refurbished Day!!!

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